Program overview

Turning Point Foundation is opening the central coast’s first Veterans Transitional Housing Program for veterans suffering from mental illness and homelessness in Ventura, California, in August.

Based on 27 years of experience, Turning Point Foundation identified a tremendous need for supported transitional housing for veterans suffering from mental illness that are homeless to address their particular barriers to success. The goals of the program include obtaining residential stability for mentally ill veterans that are homeless through supported transitional and permanent housing, increasing life skills and income stability, and obtaining self-determination by sustaining a personal Wellness and Recovery Action Plan.

Turning Point’s primary means of engagement with potential veteran clients is the organization’s Our Place Safe Haven, a 10-bed shelter and Multi-Service Center, which provides overnight emergency shelter and drop-in services to more than 350 homeless persons each year, 12% of whom are veterans. Since 1995, Our Place Safe Haven has served as a “community living room” where homeless persons can drop-in and get a cup of coffee, food to eat, socialize with others, take a shower, do their laundry, make phone calls, get their mail, talk to a Case Manager and get counseling.

Turning Point Foundation currently serves over 762 clients each year through safe haven, shelter, supported housing and rehabilitation programs.Turning Point is the only local non-profit agency that addresses the critical community needs of mentally ill adults in Ventura county.

Turning Point Foundation is partnering with Stand Down events, the American Legion, Gold Coast Veterans, Ventura County Community Foundation and the VFW to identify local mentally ill homeless veterans who need help. Our case managers work with these veterans to connect them with eligible Veterans Administration services and get on the list to enter the Vince Street Veterans Transitional Housing facility.