Program overview

Turning Point has two Peer Support Programs staffed by Peer Support Specialists.

The Wellness Center is located at Center Point Mall in Oxnard, with a satellite program in Ventura at New Visions Center. This is also the only tri-lingual, English/Spanish/Mixteco language mental health program in Ventura County. The Wellness Center program is based on the nationwide movement to integrate Peer Staff into mental health services demonstrating the importance of self-help and peer programs as a part of mental wellness.  Self-help is a valuable part of recovery from mental health and/or drug and alcohol recovery.  People who have experienced both sides of the mental health system (“been there, done that”) provide hope, education and direct support among their peers where they can share goals, conquer fears, and celebrate successes.

TWC QOL Ext 1Our recovery success stories include men and women who have struggled to maintain their mental wellness and/or sobriety, had legal trouble, or been homeless.  These men and women are able to come to the
Wellness Center and participate in and experience the serenity of recovery.  The Wellness Center program incorporates the evidence based practice developed by Mary Ellen Copeland.  She is the founder of the Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP), a self-help mental health recovery program encouraging people to develop individualized WRAP to assist them through the recovery process.